Welcome to Prism Learning Community!

Welcome to Prism Learning Community!

What is Prism Learning Community?

Our mission is to have a family centered community that offers opportunities to develop meaningful life skills, inspire a love of life long learning, and provide an inclusive space for all community members to share their passions. Prism does not adhere to any one educational philosophy. We coordinate classes, social activities, seasonal celebrations, field trips, and community service projects.  We value our community and pledge ourselves to its continued growth and diversity.



Is Prism Right For My Family?

Prism is a choice based cooperative, meaning members choose the classes that are of interest to them. Prism does not adhere to any one educational philosophy. We respect each family's unique structure and homeschooling path.



Is Prism Affordable?

Volunteers are the backbone of co-operative education and Prism offers substantial volunteer credits as well as a sibling discounts.  Our six week (one hour per week) classes are $50 each. We also offer a $20 discount for every class over 8 per family, to lower the cost for siblings.  This makes the cost of one three block day $150 and the cost for all three full days $430 (for one child). Volunteer discounts are available at $30 off per block, with 5 blocks (including 1st, 2nd, lunch, 3rd and clean-up) available per day. You read that correctly, volunteer all day and sign one child up completely free of charge!

Enrolling in Classes:

We rely on both parent volunteers and independent paid teachers to develop and facilitate classes.

We provide an interdisciplinary learning environment, combining core academic subjects, with engaging hands-on projects. Members work in small mixed-age classes for collaborative projects, science experiments, and enrichment activities.

When you visit our 'Classes' page you will find the six subjects we offer (art, language arts, science, math, social studies, and practical skills) as well as the three blocks of clubs.  Each family may select as many of the nine offerings as they would like each quarter.  When you select a subject and add it to the cart you will be prompted to provide your child's name and select from three levels.  These levels are not based solely on the child's age but rather on their ability and general knowledge of a given subject; under each subject you'll find a brief description of the levels as they relate to that class.  If you have any questions about subjects, levels, or enrollment please contact us.

Go here to see our current class schedule