Welcome to Prism Learning Community!

Welcome to Prism Learning Community!

What is Prism Learning Community?

Prism is an inclusive and diverse homeschool cooperative and resource. We coordinate classes, social activities, seasonal celebrations, field trips, and community service projects.  

Our mission is to have a family centered community that offers opportunities to develop meaningful life skills, inspire a love of life long learning, and provide an inclusive space for all community members to share their passions. 

We value our community and pledge ourselves to its continued growth and diversity.

We welcome all!


P - Passion

Passion and excitement for lifelong learning

R - Respect

Respecting our diversity and individual journeys while remaining a strong, cohesive group

I - Intentional

Intentional connections with our families, our community and our world

S - Safe

A safe and loving environment for all, including the practice of mindful communication

M - Mutual

A mutually considerate community that is sustained democratically, thrives on flexibility, and inspires creativity


Is Prism Right For My Family?

Prism is a choice based cooperative, meaning members choose the classes that are of interest to them. Prism does not adhere to any one educational philosophy. We respect each family's unique structure and homeschooling path. Prismwelcomes all homeschooling families, those who have done so for years as well as those just starting out.

We encourage families to make educational decisions together and we view learning as a life long process.

Is Prism Affordable?

Volunteers are the back bone of co-operative education. In order to honor volunteer service, Prism offers substantial volunteer credits.

Volunteer discounts are as follows:

  • Teachers earn a $60 credit per class (1 hour)
  • Teacher's Aides earn a $30 credit per class (1 hour)
  • Clean-up volunteers earn a $30 credit (30-45 mins)
  • Lunch monitors earn a $30 credit (1 hour)
  • Nursery monitors earn a $30 credit (1 hour)
  • Admin assistants earn a $30 credit (1 hour)

Volunteer to teach! Educate your child for free! Classes are $45 each per six-week quarter.  

On Tuesday’s, Prismmay  arrange for independent contractors who are experts in their fields to teach for the quarter.  In the case of an independent teacher class fees may be higher than normal and are not subject to volunteer discounts. We also offer a club room with activities for all ages on Tuesdays for $45/hour per six week block.

After a family enrolls in eight classes/blocks per quarter, the ninth and subsequent classes are discounted at the rate $15 per class per quarter. 

Types of Classes:

We provide an interdisciplinary learning environment, combining “core” academic subjects, with engaging hands-on projects. Members work in small mixed-age classes for collaborative projects, science experiments, and “enrichment” activities.

We rely on both parent volunteers and independent paid teachers to develop and facilitate classes.

Go here to see our current class schedule

Structure of Prism:

Member driven committees coordinate co-op and community activities. All Prism members have a voice in the community and are encouraged to attend our quarterly meeting to address the needs and direction of the community. Prism has a board of directors that is responsible for maintaining the overall policy and sustainability of the community.